What I Ate (July 22)

Here are some restaurants I have been to lately. Perhaps, I should have taken artful Instagram shots. Oh well. 

Chartreuse: This was the Detroit Free Press Restaurant of the Year. It lived up to that billing. Seasonal, rustic, bright flavors, and attention to texture. It's the sort of place that would have been affected and awful in Brooklyn, but was fine and friendly in Detroit. We started with potatoes that were topped with a ham, sweet potato, and jalapeno hash sort of topping and a ceviche with strawberry and rhubarb. Both were delicious. My wife had a whitefish. I had the vegetable bulgogi (with added pork belly). Next visit, I may just order the pork belly. 

We also tried samples of "Chartreuse" which is a French liqueur made by monks. There was a milder yellow and a stronger green variety. They have a sweet, spicy, sort of medicinal flavor. It reminded me of absinthe. Interesting, useful for cocktails, not sure I would want to drink a glass of it.

La Rondinella: Supino's Pizza has become a fixture at Eastern Market. They opened a sit-down Italian restaurant next door. We had a late dinner there. It's simple, unpretentious, varied, and reasonably priced Italian food. There's less pasta than one would anticipate. We had the meatballs and the salt cold fritters for appetizers and the gnocchi and trout for mains, with a side of swiss chard. No complaints. It was great for a quite date night. 

Kuzzo's Chicken and Waffles: This place is on Livernois, just north of 7 mile. I ordered the "Trey Deuce," which is three pieces of fried chicken and two waffles. The chicken was crispy, moist, flavorful, and cooked to order. The waffles had a more than adequate amount of butter and syrup. I finished the chicken, made a solid dent in the waffles, and could do no more than look wistfully at the side of yams. Service takes a while, cooking the chicken to order. Having ambitious plans for bar hopping afterward is ill advised. You'll want to nap.