What I Wrote: July 28

16 College Football Trap Games For 2016

College Football season is coming. Here are 16 games to keep an eye on for potential upsets or spread covers. 

Airplane Armrest Etiquette: Did Abby Wambach Shame an Innocent Man?

A deep dive on airplane armrest etiquette, inspired by an Instagram post. 

Letter To My Younger Self

Kobe Bryant wrote a letter to his younger self. I made fun of it. 

Every Big 12 Expansion Option Stinks, There Is No Point Doing It

Why the Big 12 should not expand.

The Olympics Is a Compendium Of Sports Awfulness

Why I don't like the Olympics

All Headlines Matter, Stop Misleading Readers

The "click bait and switch." Why headlines should be accurate. 

It's The Media's Job To Cover Brazil, Sorry It's Overshadowing Your Rowing

Why it is the media's duty to focus on the negatives during the Olympics in Rio.