What I Wrote: August 25

Here are some of my most recent articles. In the future I will update this more than once per month. Hopefully. 

Bill Simmons Can't Rely On Celebrity Guests To Carry "Any Given Wednesday"

I reviewed Bill Simmons' new show on HBO. 

The 50 Best College Football Players For 2016

My colleagues and I ranked this year's best college football players. 

The Big Lead 2016 College Football Media Survey

I surveyed media members on an array of issues for the upcoming college football season. 

Politics Is Bringing Sports Debate Into a Brave New World

I discuss this summer's political turmoil and its impact on sports debate. 

Why Are Ryan Lochte Reports Implicitly Trusting Brazilian Police?

I wrote about a glaring error in the Ryan Lochte media coverage. 

Ryan Lochte's Media Treatment is Not a Clear Case of "White Privilege"

My case why Ryan Lochte's media coverage is not an example of "white privilege."

NBC is Stuck in 20th Century with Olympics Coverage, Faces Uncertain Future

An analysis of the present and future of NBC's Olympics coverage.